Buzzkillers! It’s the Professor here, on a Pre-Dawn Raid, busting myths ripped from the headlines.

Kristollized Churchill Quotes

You know how I am about Churchill quotes, Buzzkillers. Mis-using them, misapplying them, or using them without due caution is as bad (and maybe worse) than throwing around Churchill non-quotes. Jonathan Chait’s recent article in New York Magazine, “61 Times Bill Kristol Was Reminded of Hitler and Churchill,” shows how Kristol rolls out Churchill references about the Munich Crisis of 1938 as if he owned stock in them, or as if he only owns one history book. To Kristollize Churchill in this way is lazy and ahistorical. Pity the poor Bill Kristol. He’s afflicted, and he should listen to Professor Buzzkill. Check out Jonathan’s article. The link is on our website.

Here’s the New York Magazine Article.