Was that great story about Catherine the Great true?

Honestly, what’s the point of being Empress of All the Russias if you can’t do whatever you want in the bedroom, and do it with whatever species of your Russian subjects you want? So why not jump in the sack with one of your horses, even though you might get crushed under its weight?

Well, the rumor is that Catherine the Great died by being crushed by the horse she was pleasuring. The story even involves some sort of lifting and harness device to make it possible. Just think about the physics and engineering involved.

Alas, it’s not true. Catherine died of a stroke while sitting on the toilet at nine in the morning on 16 Nov 1796. Her servants dragged her out of the bathroom and on to her bed. She sank into a coma and never awoke. She died the next evening. No horses were harmed in the writing of this post.

Did Empress Die by Horse?

Lazy Assateague Island Horse image by David Saddler.