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The Professor Buzzkill History Podcast is a weekly romp through some of the history myths and misunderstandings that are most deeply embedded in our culture. We attack one main myth per week, with the intention of not only busting that myth, but showing why the history surrounding that myth is so important.

Full Episodes include interviews with prominent historians, discussions with new scholars discovering important things about history, and analyses from Professor Buzzkill about important historical topics and misunderstandings.

“Mini-Myths to Start the Week” are short, myth-busting shows to help you start your week on the path to historical accuracy and righteousness.

“Man Crush Mondays” are occasional shows that bring to light under-studied or forgotten men from history who deserve more fame and glory.

“Woman Crush Wednesdays” are occasional shows that highlight significant women from the past who deserve more attention and a stronger place in history.

“Piece of Sh*t Saturdays” are occasional shows that dump on people from history who deserve more shame and opprobrium.

“Quote or No Quote” shows examine whether quotes from famous historical figures are genuine, and provides the historical context behind what was actually said, and who actually said what.

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