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History Myths Buzzkilled

The Life of Douglas MacArthur

  The five-star American general Douglas MacArthur is one of the most famous and celebrated generals in American history. Along with Patton, however, he’s one of the most misunderstood and most mythologized. Born [...]

Paul Revere’s Ride

Listen, oh Buzzkillers, and you shall hear, the true story of the Ride of Paul Revere All American children grow up hearing Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s famous poem that tells us this great story. On [...]

The Truth About The Scopes Trial

Quit monkeying around On April 24, 1925, a high school teacher named John Scopes taught a class in Dayton, Tennessee, using a state-mandated textbook that included a chapter explaining Darwin’s theory of evolution. In [...]

Professor Buzzkill History Myths Busted

Mini Myths

The Star Spangled Banner

  There are so many aspects of American history and patriotism that we think [...]

The Hitler Jig

Hitler didn't dance that jig  France fell to Nazi Germany in June 1940. The [...]

Eve and the Apple

The apple of Adam's eye Many of us “know” that, in the Garden of [...]

The Titanic

The "unsinkable" ship that sunk The myths about the RMS Titanic, which sank on [...]

The Pony Express

The Pony Express "ponies" were actually mules The image of the Pony Express is [...]

The Spanish Flu Pandemic

The flu didn't start in Spain, so why have they been blamed? The great [...]

Ty Cobb Myths

Does Ty Cobb live up to his reputation? He is often referred to as one [...]

The Hindenburg Disaster

How a technical error affected our interpretation of history We often talk about the [...]

Bra Burning Myth

Feminists burned their bras in the 60s? Think again. Cast your minds back to [...]

The Pre-Dawn Raid: Buzzkiller News

  • The Cuban Missile Crisis Myth

The Cuban Missile Crisis Myth

Kennedy Conceded Missiles, Too The full thawing of official US-Cuba relations this week [...]

  • What Waterloo Was Not

What Waterloo Was Not

British Soldiers Played Lesser Role Than Most Think This is a week of [...]

Quote or No Quote?

Winston Churchill and the Cross of Lorraine

Quote?: "The hardest cross I have to bear is the [...]

Winston Churchill and the Never-Surrender Chicken

Quote?: When I warned [the French] that Britain would fight [...]

Winston Churchill on his Choice of Sin

Quote?: At a reception in Canada when Churchill was sitting [...]

Winston Churchill was Sober in the Morning

Bessie Braddock (a plump Labour Member of Parliament and Tory-hater): [...]

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