Heather Cox Richardson explains Lincoln’s “House Divided” Speech

Did Abraham Lincoln actually say “a house divided against itself cannot stand”? We place that quote in its historical context. And Dr. Heather Cox Richardson gives us a wonderful analysis of its meaning in American history, and its importance for our times. Episode 474.

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Roy Basler and Carl Sandburg, Lincoln: His Speeches and Writings

This volume presents nearly 250 of Lincoln’s most important speeches, state papers, and letters in their entirety. Here are not only the masterpieces—the Gettysburg Address, the Inaugural Addresses, the 1858 Republican Convention Speech, the Emancipation Proclamation—but hundreds of lesser-known gems. Alfred Kazin has written that Lincoln was “not just the greatest writer among our Presidents . . . but the most telling and unforgettable of all American ‘public’ writer-speakers,” and it’s never been cleaner than in this comprehensive edition.