Adolf Hitler: Today Germany, Tomorrow the World

Most people believe they know what Adolf Hitler’s plans for a post-war world would be — German domination. After all, didn’t he say, “Today Germany, Tomorrow the World”? Well, Hitler certainly expressed ideas along these lines, although there is no record of him saying it in so few words. The closest Hitler quote that Buzzkill Institute researchers can find comes from Mein Kampf (1925): “If the German people, in their historic development, had possessed tribal unity like other nations, the German Reich today would be the master of the entire world.” The pithy phrase, “Today Germany, Tomorrow the World,” is more closely belongs to a song from the Hitler Youth Song book. actually seems to have come from the chorus of a Hitler youth songbook:

Es Zittern die Morschen Knochen [The Mouldy/Old Bones are Shaking] by Hans Baumann

Wir Werden weiter marschieren
Wenn alles in Scherben fält
Denn heute gëhort uns Deutschland
Und morgen die ganze Welt


We shall keep marching on
Even if everything breaks into fragments,
For today Germany belongs to us
And tomorrow the whole world.

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