Confederate Statues, Memorials, and Flags

When and why were statues to Confederate soldiers, generals, and politicians put up across the American south? Why is the Confederate Battle Flag so proudly waved and displayed in many parts of the US? Professor Nash joins us to explain why all of this happened, who was selected for commemoration, and what it all means for American history and culture. We expose the falsehoods that are used as rationale for the construction and retention of Confederate statues and memorials. The whitewashing of history, and the myths that support it, are a national disgrace. And we do our best to try to stop it. Listen and learn.

Buzzkill Bookshelf:

William D. Richardson, et al (eds.), Confederate Symbols in the Contemporary South (2001).

A timely collection of essays examining the controversy surrounding the use and display of Confederate symbols in the modern South.


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  1. Chris S. on September 21, 2017 at 10:41 am

    Great Podcast. I do think there is an analogue to the Confederate statues. Oddly, it’s around a similar time period, late 19th, early 20th Century. I’m thinking of the Scottish Nationalism movement, and monuments to Wallace, Rob Roy MacGregor, etc. It’s a similar story, with monuments to the “rebels”, and the “lost cause” feelings. Just a thought…