“May You Live in Interesting Times” – Quote or No Quote?

Are we cursed to be living in interesting times? Would a boring era be easier on the Buzzkill blood pressure? And is “may you live in interesting times” actually an old Chinese curse, or is the history of the saying more complicated? We take you from Chinese folks tales in 1627 to 20th century British politicians in this episode of Quote or No Quote, trying to track down who said what when. Listen and learn!

Buzzkill Bookshelf:

Feng Menglong, Stories to Awaken the World: A Ming Dynasty Collection, Volume 3, Shuhui Yang (Translator), Yunqin Yang (Translator) (2014).

This translation provides an unparalleled view of the art of traditional Chinese short fiction. As with the first two collections in the trilogy, Stories Old and New and Stories to Caution the World, the forty stories in this collection are eminently readable, accurate, and lively. They have included all of the poetry that is scattered throughout the stories, as well as Feng Menglong’s interlinear and marginal comments.


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