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I got so sick of idiots posting completely ahistorical things about American Political Parties on Twitter and Facebook, that I called Professor Nash in for an emergency episode. We were able to diagnose the interpretative problems, stop the bleeding, and heal the wound. We explain why political parties have had the same name, but totally different attitudes and policies over the centuries of US history. This episode is necessary listening for the elections coming up this year! Listen and be enlightened!


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James Reichley, The Life of the Parties (2000).

This classic work traces the decline of political parties resulting in divided government and an ineffectual political process―but he also shows us what it will take to restore the party system and how it could work to revitalize our democracy. Citizens disillusioned by years of political disarray will find much to reflect upon in Reichley’s monumental analysis of the lessons of party history and our contemporary political predicament.


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