Presidential Transitions in American History

Even though nothing tops the 2020-2021 Trump-Biden “transition,” presidential transitions have not always been smooth and stable in American history. Professor Philip Nash explains all and puts historical transitions in the context of what’s happening now. Episode #402

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Winter War: Hoover, Roosevelt, and the First Clash Over the New Deal Hardcover – November 20, 2018
by Eric Rauchway (Author)

“Winter War” is the history of the most acrimonious presidential handoff in American history — and of the origins of twentieth-century liberalism and conservatism

As historian Eric Rauchway shows in Winter War, FDR laid out coherent, far-ranging plans for the New Deal in the months prior to his inauguration. Meanwhile, still-President Hoover, worried about FDR’s abilities and afraid of the president-elect’s policies, became the first comprehensive critic of the New Deal. Thus, even before FDR took office, both the principles of the welfare state, and reaction against it, had already taken form.

Winter War reveals how, in the months before the hundred days, FDR and Hoover battled over ideas and shaped the divisive politics of the twentieth century.

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